Q: Can you still play games on a Guitendo?
A: No. I only use broken gaming consoles. Working consoles should be enjoyed and not destroyed!

Q: Why are you permanently destroying “broken” NES systems? Can’t they can be fixed?
A: The consoles I use for guitars are sourced from repair shops. These particular units have burnt mainboards, blown sound modules, elemental damage, or are otherwise deemed “too far gone” to be repaired.

Q: Why are there scratches, chips, marks, discoloration, etc. on my Guitendo?
A: It’s difficult to source a broken game console in mint condition. Likewise, most of the used guitars and parts I find have at least *some* wear and tear. I’m of the opinion that the mojo of road-wear makes for a “cooler” end-product. That being said, I can certainly source all new parts and find a pristine system (at a significant price increase) if you want it.

Q: Can you make me one with (insert custom parts or features here)?
A: Yes. If it seems possible, I’m willing to try it.

Q: Can you make me a bass / baritone / double neck / ukulele / etc.?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can you make one out of (insert console or random object here)?
A: I’m willing to try anything at least once! Contact me and we’ll see what can be done!

Q: Do you build fretless / fannned fret / multi-string or other oddball instruments?
A: Like I said, I’ll try anything once!

Q: Can you make me a left handed one?
A: Sure, weirdo.

Q: How much are they?
A: The standard model Guitendo is $400. Basses start at $450. The sky is the limit with custom orders.

Q: How long does a build take?
A: We’re currently working on a 4-6 week build time. Custom orders vary.

Q: Do you ship to (insert place here)?
A: Yes. I ship anywhere in the world.

Q: OK, How do I order?
A: Contact me and we’ll get started!